How to root devices

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How to root devices

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:57 pm

Rooting is a method used to gain permissions over your device.
You have to be carefull when trying to perform root in your device cause it might brick it. And it also voids the device's warranty.
Some models are not able to be rooted but most of them usually are.
Let's get started then.
First, download KingRoot app from: kingoroot.com   or   kingroot.com
Then, install the app. You might have to allow apps that aren't from Play Store to be installed.
Open the app. Click "Root" and wait for the process to finish.
DON'T close the app while this and DO NOT let your battery die or you will damage the device.
If the root was suceeded, then a green image will appear telling that you sucessfully rooted your device. If a red image appears, it probably did not worked. (It will say your decice is not rootable).
If it worked then don't try to update the SU binary unless you have a custom recovery installed or you will brick your Android.
And if it worked you will note that a new app has been installed (KingUser).
If you could not root then try using another method, like SRS Root, Towel Root or even Framaroot.
Comment your device below and say if it is rootable or not and which app you used for it.
Stay awesome! Smile


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